Rapid Beverage Chilling utilizing the Cooper Cooler logo when you need to Chill-On-Demand

Introducing the Cooper Cooler

Revolutionary Cooling Systems' new Cooper Cooler rapid beverage chilling appliance quickly chills beverages from room temperature (25° C/77° F) to cold drinking temperature (6° C/43° F). The Extra button allows users the option of chilling their beverage to "ice-cold" 1°C (34°F).

The user adds ice and water into the Cooper Cooler, selects the container setting, and the Cooper Cooler automatically does the rest.

This patented process chills by rotating the beverage while simultaneously spraying it with ice water. It is this combination that makes the Cooper Cooler the fastest way to chill beverages.

This patented process does not alter any beverage properties like taste, composition, or cause carbonated beverages to fizz over or explode upon opening.

Cooper Cooler

(Shown above, brushed chrome-finish with black transparent lid)


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Now Available! The Tailgater - combination 110-volt AND 12-volt battery-operated unit. Chill at home or on the go! The TAILGATER HC02.C comes with both a 120V household plug and a 12V car lighter plug--small 30 watt draw so it will not drain your vehicle's battery.

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The Cooper Cooler logocan rapidly chill:


Wine Type Temp Chill Time w/ Spin Setting Chill Time w/ No Spin Setting
Reds, Zinfandels, Burgundy 59°-65° F 1 Minute/CAN 2 Minutes/CAN - NO SPIN
Ports, Sherry, Lighter Reds 52°-57° F 2 Minutes/CAN - EXTRA 4 Minutes/CAN - NO SPIN - EXTRA
Roses, Dry Whites, Champagnes 46°-50° F 3.5 Minutes/BOTTLE 6 Minutes/BOTTLE - NO SPIN
Sweet Whites, Sparkling 41°-45° F 6 Minutes/WINE 10 Minutes/WINE - NO SPIN

Soda, Beer, Bottled Water, Sports Drinks, Iced Tea, Iced Coffee, Fruit Juices, Spirits

Container Temp Chill Time w/ Spin Setting
Aluminum Can From 77° to 43° F 1 Minute/CAN
Aluminum Can From 77° to 34° F 2 Minutes/CAN - EXTRA
Glass/Plastic Bottle From 77° to 43° F 3.5 Minutes/BOTTLE

The Cooper Cooler logo can even chill square and odd shaped bottles

The unit also serves to warm baby bottle contents evenly by using only hot tap water. It does not destroy formula nutrients or create hot pockets.

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