Rapid Beverage Chilling utilizing the Cooper Cooler logo when you need to Chill-On-Demand


Electronic Touchpad Timer provides easy to use beverage container settings.

Extra button allows the user the option of chilling their beverage to "ice-cold" 1°C (34°F).

No Spin button is used to chill non-cylindrical shaped containers. In this setting, the beverage is sprayed, but not rotated.

Removeable Lid Cap allows for long neck bottles, such as wine bottles, to be easily chilled.

Add Ice Indicator Light informs the user when the ice water temperature is not optimal and therefore, more ice should be added.

Maximum Water Level Line tells the user when to remove excess water.

Minimum Water Level Line tells the user the minimum amount of water needed to operate the appliance.

Light, compact and UL®approved. See a listing of the product specifications here.

One-year limited waranty. Read the warranty in its entirety here.

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